Weapon of Watching

Weapon of Watching

Search me, O God, and know my heart! (Psalm 139:23)

Kind of a scary verse when you stop and think about it. Thing is, God does know our hearts, better than we do. What does He see when examining your heart (Gen 6:5)? I must confess, mine is all too often, not as it should be. We often try to justify, hide or even excuse the sin that lurks within us. Therefore, we must continually examine and get to “know” our own hearts. We must realize our nature and temperament. When we honestly do this, we hopefully will be better able to avoid or keep from the temptations that lead us into sin. Are you gentle and cooperative, or hard and combative? If we catch our hearts trying to deceive us, don’t believe it. Seek to destroy the evils of your heart by the gospel. Prayer for diligence and careful watching of our hearts should be our weapon of choice.

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