Gospel within the Gospel (Luke 15:11-32)

The Parable of the Prodigal is a gospel within the Gospel! God comes to find what is lost and we are His sheep that got lost, but He has found us. Praise God for His grace! How many times do we need to be lost? How many times will we run from His grace before we realize how great it is? Especially when we see that our salvation is so complete. Our Pardon is full in Christ Jesus.

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Preacher: Bob Buchner

Mr. Buchner is a ruling elder at Omega OPC since 2012. Check out some sermons by Bob Buchner Related Sermons Faith or Foolishness? (1 Samuel 14:1-46) June 19, 2011 Suffering as Victory (2 Timothy 2:1-13) June 26, 2011 Why Christ is at the Door (Revelation 3:14-22) July 3, 2011 Ordination Service March 11, 2012 Implanted Power (James 1:19-27) November 4, 2012 Christ the Conqurer (Genesis 3:1-24) January 13, 2013 Fruit or Flesh? (Galatians 5:16-26) June 2, 2013 Unity and Reformation (Psalm 46:1-11) November 3, 2013 Now Thank We All (1 Chronicles 29:9-22) November 24, 2013 The Unknown Triumph (Luke 19:28-44) April 13, 2014 Resurrection Christians (John 20:19-31) April 20, 2014 Our Charge (1 Timothy 1:2-20) September 14, 2014 Resurrection Unfolding (John 20:19-23) April 5, 2015 Building Dedication (Acts 5:41-42) July 12, 2015 Why Jesus Rejoiced (Luke 10:1-24) October 4, 2015 The Light of Christmas… (read more)

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Bible Passages: Luke 15:11-32
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