True Repentance (Zechariah 12:10-13:1)

You will not know the benefit of God’s grace until you know yourself to be God’s enemy!
As Calvin says, “it is a true conversion when men seriously acknowledge that they are at war with God, and that he is their enemy until they are reconciled; for except a sinner sets himself in a manner before God’s tribunal, he is never touched by a true feeling of repentance.”

Zechariah teaches us 5 important aspects of True Repentance.

I) The Source of True Repentance: (v.10a) – the Holy Spirit
1) The Holy Spirit is the Initiator – 2 Co 3:6 (the law convicts but the Spirit converts)
2) The Holy Spirit is the Supplicator – (Rom 8:26) This makes prayer a good barometer of Spiritual activity in your life. Where there is the Spirit of Grace there is the Spirit of prayer.

II) The Cause/Means of True Repentance: (v.10b ) – looking unto God whom you pierced. True repentance sees that your own sin nailed Jesus to the cross!

III) The Effect of True Repentance: (v.10c) – weeping [the order is important here!!]

IV) The Scope of True Repentance (vv.12-14) – Everyone individually. Before the protection of God on Judah’s enemies speaks of our strength corporately – but our repentance speaks to our walk individually. Repentance must get down to the very morrow of our soul. There is no general repentance without deep and specific repentance! — No Piggybacking!! (not even in the family)
– Also NOTE: The Scope covers all classes (King/Prophet/Priest/People… Land)

V)The Benefit of True Repentance (v. 13:1)

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Transcendent Unity (Zechariah 12:1-9)

Ever since the fall in the Garden the story of man is a story of conflict and disunity.
Only a miraculous work of God could bring together the people of God – let alone humanity. Israel’s whole history proves this again and again: Moses was rejected as leader; Rehaboam and the house of David rejected etc. By starting Zechariah’s final oracle with this creation – language and the repeated use of the “in that day” formula as the people of God endure a final universal conflict, commentators see this as a hymn expressing: “the final act of salvation is to be an act of re-creation of a cosmic renewal”. Showing us that in the end…

The Glory of the LORD will be Manifested Through the Unity of the Church!
Zechariah’s burden demonstrates this in 2 divine actions.

1. In How God Sets up the nations for Judgment: (v.1-5) through 3 stages of symbolic judgment
a. Cup of Staggering:
b. Stone of Stumbling:
c. The Open Eye: Crazy Blindness & God’s careful eye

2. By Sharing His Glorious Image with Us (v.6-8)

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