Resources on Baptism

Audio Lectures/Sermons (why?) 

Edward Donnelly, 6 part sermon series on baptism.

Ian Hamilton, Paedobaptism Defended — an address given by invitation to a Baptist congregation

Lee Irons, And the God of Thy Seed — 8 part series on infant baptism and covenant nurture

Robert McKelvey, A Case for Infant Baptism – Confessions of a Former Baptist

Richard L. Pratt Jr., Why Do We Baptise Our Children?

William Shishko,  23 part Sunday School series on Baptism.


Audio Debates

Paedo-Credo Baptism Debate: Dr. Robert Strimple and Dr. Fred Malone

Paedo-Credo Baptism Debate: William Shishko and James White

Paedo-Credo Baptism Debate:  Dr. David VanDrunen and Dr. Thomas Schreiner



R. Scott Clark

Leonard J. Coppes, Baptism in the Bible

Jeff Jue, The Promise to You and Your Children

Richard L. Pratt Jr., Why Do We Baptise Our Children?


Books and Articles

Bryan Chapell, A Pastor’s Case for Infant Baptism

R. Scott Clark, A Contemporary Reformed Defence of Infant Baptism

David Feddes, Should Babies Be Baptised?

Sinclair Ferguson’s 2004 lecture, “The Westminster Doctrine of Baptism and Current Reformed Trajectories” can be purchased here.

Liam Goligher, How I Changed My Mind about Infant Baptism

Dennis E. Johnson, Infant Baptism: How My Mind Has Changed

Jack D. Kinneer, Does Baptism Mean Immersion?

C. Matthew McMahon, My Retraction: A 15 Year Baptist Turns Paedo-Baptist and Becomes Reformed

Jeffrey Niell, The Newness of the New Covenant

Rick Phillips, Christian Baptism

Dennis Prutow, Baptism and Church Membership

Kim Riddlebarger, Baptist Objections to Infant Baptism and the Reformed Response

John Sartelle, What Christian Parents Should Know About Infant Baptism

Francis A. Schaeffer, Baptism of Infants

James W. Scott, The Biblical Basis for Baptising Infants

James W. Scott, Saving Faith and Infant Baptism

William Shishko, Is Immersion Necessary for Baptism?

Alan D. Strange, Baptism as a Seal

Gregg Strawbridge, Household Baptisms

Nathan Trice, Why I Am a Paedobaptist

Bob Vincent, “A Biblical Response to John MacArthur, Jr.’s ‘A Scriptural Critique of Infant Baptism’”

Larry Wilson, Why Does the Orthodox Presbyterian Church Baptise Infants?