Reading Your Bible Profitably

Reading Your Bible Profitably

There is an abundance of Bible study books at your local Christian book store, and you’ve probably read a few. That doesn’t mean you (or I) are pleased with the profitability of our Bible reading though. I know the advice of many seasoned Christians or pastors sounds good at first, but delivers little in the long run. This is because Bible study is not easy. So I hesitate to introduce yet another scheme for better Bible reading, but it may be that one thing needed to compliment what you already know and have learned and turn your Bible studies into blessed devotions.

Getting the right Bible Reading Strategy

The first step is always having a good plan. Bible reading is no different. At some other time I may argue for why my proposed plan is best, but you need not get bogged down in such arguments here. You’re here to improve your Bible reading and you want to see if I am giving you the goods. So without much argument, here is my Bible reading plan:

  • Stage 1

    1. Read the whole passage slow and aloud. (this will help you notice things you’ve possibly breezed over and will enforce the idea in your mind that what you are reading is weighty)
    2. Comb through the passage looking at all the details and answer the simple question: “What is this about?” (try to be as concise and precise as possible)
    3. Then dig deeper into the details. Notice everything you can! This ends Stage 1
  • Stage 2

    1. Ask yourself: “What’s redemptive about this?” (Here you are not specifically looking for Christ, but redemptive patterns, grace etc.)
    2. Begin thinking of all the ways this text is connected to Christ’s person and work. (Be thorough!)
    3. Elaborate on the best connection to Christ. (Bring in other scriptures for support if you can)
  • Stage 3

    1. Now, blend the first 2 stages into an application for you personally!
    2. look for the most important application and form it into an imperative to act upon! (I must believe…, I must act… etc.)
    3. Pray first, thanking God for His revelation. Then pray for ability to walk in it.

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