What to expect when you visit Omega OPC

Our Faith

Omega OPC is a  Bible believing church. This means that we hold the Bible as the ultimate authority in our lives. We are also a Presbyterian church. This means we are connected to other churches and have a representational leadership. We are Reformed. This means that we hold to the confessions and creeds of the church. To learn more,

Our Worship

As a reformed church, worship at Omega OPC is Christ centered and Bible rich. We read the Bible,  preach the Bible, sing the Bible,  pray the Bible, and see the Bible (i.e. Sacraments). Not woodenly, or simply reciting the Bible – but having the Bible richly running through everything. Reformed worship is also simple. This means that even though we have a set liturgy which reenacts a covenant renewal (e.g. moving from our “Approaching God” to “Being Reconciled to God” to “Hearing God’s Word” and “Seeing God’s Word” then “Responding to God”) we do not burden our worship with needless ceremony – but only that which the Bible directs us to worship through.  For more information check out,

What to Expect

We are not hip, nor are we huge. In fact we are quite small, around 50 on a good day. While we do look to God to increase our size – we don’t want to get so big that we can’t love and care for each other with the personal intimacy that the Bible calls us to.  We are not about programs or bells and whistles, we are all about worship. We want to be submissive to His Word and caught up in His Work.

The Sermons are not about YOU, but Christ. The applications are not about ‘your best life now’, but our sure and steadfast hope, Christ in us the hope of glory.

We are reverent but joyful. We have plenty of young saints, and are not bothered by the sounds of children. But we have a staffed nursery for those who desire slower integration into the worship.

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