Not unto Us, O Lord of Heaven

  1. Not unto us, O Lord of heav’n,
    but unto you be glory giv’n;
    in love and truth you do fulfill
    the counsels of your sovereign will.
    Though nations fail your pow’r to own,
    yet you do reign, and you alone.

  2. Let Israel trust in God alone,
    the LORD, whose grace and pow’r are known;
    to him your full allegiance yield,
    and he will be your help and shield.
    All those who fear him God will bless;
    his saints have proved his faithfulness.

  3. All you that fear him and adore,
    the LORD increase you more and more;
    both great and small who God confess,
    you and your children he will bless.
    Yes, we will ever bless his name;
    praise you the Lord, his praise proclaim.
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