O God, My Faithful God

  1. O God, my faithful God,
    true fountain ever flowing,
    without whom nothing is,
    all perfect gifts bestowing:
    give me a healthy frame,
    and may I have within
    a conscience free from blame,
    a soul unstained by sin.

  2. Give me the strength to do
    with ready heart and willing
    whatever you command,
    my calling here fulfilling.
    To do it when I ought,
    with all my strength; and bless
    whatever I have wrought,
    for you must give success.

  3. Keep me from saying words
    that later need recalling;
    guard me lest idle speech
    may from my lips be falling;
    but when, within my place
    I must and ought to speak,
    then to my words give grace
    lest I offend the weak.

  4. When dangers gather round,
    O keep me calm and fearless;
    help me to bear the cross
    when life seems dark and cheerless.
    Help me, as you have taught,
    to love both great and small,
    and by your Spirit’s might
    to live at peace with all.

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