No, Not Despairingly Come I to Thee

  1. No, not despairingly
    Come I to thee;
    No, not distrustingly
    Bend I the knee:
    Sin hath gone over me,
    Yet is this still my plea,
    Jesus hath died.

  2. Ah! Mine iniquity
    Crimson has been,
    Infinite, infinite,
    Sin up sin;
    Sin of not loving thee,
    Sin of not trusting thee,
    Infinite sin.

  3. Lord, I confess to thee
    Sadly my sin;
    All am tell I thee,
    All I have been:
    Purge thou my sin away,
    Wash thou my soul this day;
    Lord, make me clean.

  4. Faithful and just art thou,
    Forgiving all;
    Loving and kind art thou
    When poor ones call:
    Lord, let the cleansing blood,
    Blood of the Lamb of God,
    Pass o’er my soul.

  5. Then all is peace and light
    This soul within;
    Thus shall I walk with thee,
    The loved Unseen;
    Leaning on thee, my God,
    Guided along the road,
    Nothing between.
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