Getting Started

Getting from proposal to plant

As this is being written, Omega OPC is in the planning stages. Though the New Life congregation has been thinking about this plant for a number of years, there are several nuances in getting from plan to action (or in this case, plant).

One of the most important things that is happening in the planning stages of the plant is the development and strengthening of the core group. The core group is an important part of the energy and momentum of a new church and to have the right energy and momentum is crucial. I found this the other day about core groups:

  1. They form the foundation and nucleus of the new church. Therefore it is imperative that they share the same philosophical approach to ministry as the senior pastor.
  2. They will help the church planter to pray and intercede for the success of the new work.
  3. They will help in sharing the load and fulfilling the myriad of responsibilities that arise when planting a church. They will also use their spiritual gifts to add depth and expertise to the church especially where the church planter is lacking.
  4. They will share the vision for the church plant and enthuse others whom they meet to become involved in the new church.
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