King of Creation (Psalm 104:1-35)

We are so prone to miss the correct object of praise. We look at the galaxy and say “WOW!” – but even if we attribute it to a powerful being it is NOT the God of Psalm 103! We see the complexity of the human body or mind – and our minds are blown – but we are more apt to worship IT than we are the TRIUNE God of the Bible if He does not first come to us, forgive all our iniquity and redeem our lives from the pit. Now, we are not going to preach on 103 this morning – but 104 it is a long enough psalm itself to easily get lost in the glorious details but I trust that we will see that as the redeemed psalmist poetically meditates on Creation (and all 7 days of creation are here) he is ever drawn to the Goodness of God in redemption showing that the works of God cry out in praise ever pressing toward redemption!

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Pastor Drew is a graduate of Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia. He got his Masters of Divinity in 2010 and has been planting Omega OPC in Williamsport PA, since then. Check out some sermons by Pastor Drew Adcock Related Sermons The Light of Salvation (Psalm 27:1-14) December 1, 2013 Man’s Chief Interest (Psalm 27:4-6) December 29, 2013 The Ideal King (part 1) (Psalm 70:1-5) April 27, 2014 The Ideal King (part 2) (Psalm 70:1-5) April 27, 2014 Abraham, Aaron & the new Adam (Psalm 67:1-7) August 24, 2014 The Best Cup (Psalm 116:1-19) September 6, 2015 Good to Give Thanks (Psalm 92:1-15) November 29, 2015 There, When, Even (Psalm 76:1-12) April 24, 2016 King of Creation (Psalm 104:1-35) October 30, 2016 Justification Song (Psalm 4:1-8) April 2, 2017 Two Great Realities (Psalm 118:1-29) July 23, 2017 God is My Song (Psalm 118:1-29) August 8,… (read more)

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Bible Passages: Psalm 104:1-35
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